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Promoting your clothing line

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Promoting your clothing line

One of the biggest problems new clothing lines face is promoting their brand in such a saturated market. For typical clothing, not only are you promoting yourself to the stores that you will sell to but also the end user. As a result of the importance of self promotion you will find that most of the time you will spend running your clothing line will be promoting your brand and its ethics.

In the promoting yourself section of the book Start A Clothing line, I explain what marketing and promotion is and explain how to promote your brand and your clothing range. I take a look at the different forms of promotion weighing up the pros a cons explaing when and how you should be implementing your marketing. This part of the web site contains additional articles that expands on the information in the promotion section of the ebook.

If you decide to retail your own clothing then there is a very high chance that you will want to sell your clothing online.

The humble postcard is one of the oldest methods of promotion that can still be very effective today. It is a form of promotion that can work very well for graphical based clothing designs and very personalized brands.

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