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Product development

Section two of the book Start A Clothing line discuses developing your clothing range. It explains branding by analyzing brands and shows you how to create your own unique branding for your clothing company. We take a look into identifing your brands unique selling proposition and positioning your brand in the minds of the consumer. Also in this section we take you through the design processes and show you how designers plan their clothing ranges and gather data on future trend predictions. I also talk about sampling and show you how to protect your designs from being copied. This section of the website offers additional articles on these subjects that expands on that given in the ebook.

The number of styles and options will depend on the the style of clothing that you are producing and your sales strategy, however, to create a balance range you will need to consider the width and depth of the range.

A confidentiality agreement is a legaly binding document that allows you to show and discus your ideas with someone not associated with your brand without the risk of them being stolen.

This article tells you where to submit your designs for registration and with which offical body you need to register with in your country.

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